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Goals and work philosophy

Eastern European property market has vast opportunities. Our goal is to unlock them with our knowledge of local asset management. We have a long-term approach with sound property fundamentals, stable cash flow and reasonable valuations and value creation in close personal collaboration with tenants and relevant market experts. We see the close relationship with our tenants as a main pillar our work. We work consistently towards this goal and it is our recipe of our success.

A local presence allows us to feel and see the current trends in the market, thus we manage to react very quickly. The local asset management broadens our network, operating close to the assets on daily basis, securing best-in-class property management and providing valuable deal flow.

By combining our deep local market knowledge with international approach, Alfa Bank Investment Group is able to benefit from investment opportunities typically overlooked by institutional players. We have a value-added strategy that enables us to invest in properties with sound fundamentals, but with certain factors that don’t normally attract investors’ interest.

Our target is to benefit from buying such properties as attractive valuations and later turning them into modern institutional-quality assets. All investments are supported by a thorough investment process, in-house research and local active management.

Experience, deep knowledge and insight allows Alfa Bank Investment Group to set new high standards with a promise to deliver competitive performance. We are committed to providing our investors with excellent service standards, which includes portfolio management, communication and administration. The routines for governance, risk management and reporting to investors are well established.

Lithuanian market future outlook 2013

The forecasted transaction volume for 2013 is expected to reach at